Newsletter 2021


From 1st January 2021, following the retirement of Professor Mathijs Lamberigts (KU Leuven), Professor Paul Bertrand (UCLouvain) becomes the director of the journal. Professor Dries Vanysacker (KU Leuven) takes over as secretary. Professor Jean-Marie Auwers (UCLouvain) remains the treasurer.

Dries Bosschaert, Professor of Church History at KU Leuven, replaces Professor M. Lamberigts on our Editorial Board. Jacob Schmutz, Professor of Philosophy at UCLouvain, succeeds Professor Johannes den Heijer (UCLouvain), who has retired.

Andreas Thier, Professor of Law at the University of Zurich, has joined the International Board of the journal.

Jean-Pierre Gérard has retired as our publication manager, and is replaced by Nicolas Ruffini-Ronzani, Doctor of Medieval History from UNamur. The latter will also collaborate on the DHGE/Louvain Dictionary of Church History.

Issue 3-4 of 2020 contains articles on : l’évangélisation et la christianisation de Huy. Retour sur la chronologie problématique d’un vicus du Nord de la Gaule (G. Wymmersch) ♦ l’ontologie statutaire de la pneumatologie scolastique (A. Fontbonne) ♦ the Cardinal Protector of the Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem (F. Russo) ♦ the Angelic Brethren and the Strange Case of Mystical Intercession in Radical Protestantism (T. Wright) ♦ les catholiques anglais et le don d’indulgence. Controverse avec les protestants et usages missionnaires entre 1825 et 1965 (O. Rota) ♦ the Young Christian Workers in Durban and Surrounds: 1952 to 1970 (St. C. Bate) ♦ Il diario della Terza Conferenza generale dell’episcopato latino-americano del padre Cecilio de Lora SM (S. Scatena) ♦ the Homiliary of Luculentius from the Spanish March, c. 900 (M. M. Tischler et E. Vernet i Pons) ♦ l’ouverture des Archives du Saint-Siège pour le pontificat de Pie XII (D. Vanysacker) ♦ a critical note by G. Fornasari devoted to the memoria dei viventi. Il caso di Hersfeld. ♦ a critical note by M. Paiano on Cattolicesimo, nazione e guerra. A proposito di un volume sul cardinal Mercier nel primo conflitto mondiale ♦ a miscellany dedicated to the new Sanctimoniales collection. Religious Women – Geistliche Frauen (E. Magnani).

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Several books have recently been published in our book series of the Bibliothèque de la RHE:

– M. Carnier et B. Meijns (éd.), De Canonicis qui Seculares Dicuntur. Treize siècles de chapitres séculiers dans les anciens Pays-Bas (BRHE, 105, 203 p.).
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– S. Hellemans et G. Rouwhorst (éd.), The Making of Christianities in History. A Processing Approach (BRHE, 106, 248 p.).
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– J.-M. Auwers et D. Vanysacker (éd.), Pulchritudo tam antiqua et tam nova. Studies in History of Christianity in Honour of Mathijs Lamberigts (BRHE, 107, 368 p.). This latest volume published brings together 22 contributions offered to Mathijs Lamberigts on the occasion of his retirement.
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The last fascicle, 192-193a, published in 2020, contains a voluminous, lavishly illustrated article devoted to Louvain (city and university), extending from cols. 30 to 315. Several other articles are also offered: the Carmelite John of Jesus and Mary (cols. 6-18), François Libermann, CSSp (cols. 18-27), the Abbey of Luxeuil (cols. 317-333), Nicetas of Remesiana (cols. 353-357), and relics from the Middle Ages to Modern times (cols. 360-382).
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The fascicle 193b-194 is in final proof and should appear in a few weeks. Fascicle 195 is being prepared.

If you would like to collaborate with the DHGE and send us your article proposals, simply write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., specifying your areas of research and attaching a brief CV.
With the help of our publisher Brepols, the DHGE has now become a familiar figure in the sessions of the European ReIReS network (Research Infrastructure on Religious Studies).

Index Religiosus

In view of the expansion of the Index religiosus, it is now possible to become an external contributor to this important international bibliography of the history of Christianity and theology. A specific encoding interface has been developed by Brepols, and Eddy Louchez, editor in chief of the Index religiosus, will offer future contributors several training sessions by videoconference, in English or French. Each bibliographic record validated by the editor is paid 2 € by Brepols. Interested in getting involved Contact E. Louchez, via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., attaching a brief CV.
The Index religiosus is also fully integrated within the European network ReIRes.


A novelty in the Multimedia part of our website reserved for our subscribers: the Dictionnaire des auteurs cisterciens of the Fathers Brouette, Dimier and Manning has been digitised, scanned and is available as a single pdf file. Other working tools should follow.
In addition, the Revue d'Histoire ecclésiastique now has a Twitter account (@RHE_Revue), on which we share the journal's news (notably the list of books received for review) as well as news from the BRHE and the DHGE.
Finally, we would like to remind you that it is always possible to advertise on our website for future symposia and conferences. To proceed, please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

As we hope to soon experience an end to mankind’s current tribulations, we send our best wishes for the upcoming year to all our readers and friends of the Revue on behalf of the entire editorial team.

Prof. D. Vanysacker
Prof. P. Bertrand