Some Photos of Canon Aubert


Colloque Klingenthal VaticanII

  Symposium on the Vatican II Council organised by
  the Istituto per le scienze religiose of Bologne (1996) 

At the KU Leuven, on the occasion of Emeritus
of Father Marcel Haverals, in 2002, surrounded by
the Professors Soetens and Delville, his successors
at the RHE
 Leuven emeritat MHaverals
 Aubert 90e 04 At the Ceremony in Homage to his
90e anniversary, in Louvain-La-Neuve,
in 2004. Are recognized following the Master
the Prof. André Tihon, Pierre Sauvage,
Ana-María Bidegain and Paul Servais.
Again in 2004 at the same Ceremony
of Homage, in Restaurant in great
Conversation with his old Friend,
the prof. Émile Poulat (1920-2014)
Aubert 90e 06
 Aubert 90e 010 Speaking during the ceremony
of Homage in 2004, with the Prof.
Luc Courtois to his Right
Always the Ceremony of Homage (2004),
this time with the Prof. André Haquin
and Luc Courtois, and with Françoise Rosart
 Aubert 90e 13