The entire RHE text (1900-2000) via PAO

Since 2007, the site Periodical Archive Online (PAO) of the ProQuest company ( has contained all the volumes of the RHE from 1900-2000, that is n°1-95, in its collection 6. Hence we find articles, reviews and brief notices, the chronicle as well as the bibliography. There is a charge for access to the PAO but it is generally computer accessible in major university libraries.

Its contents are available in two formats: image (page by page in TIF format seen on the monitor and downloadable) and PDF (complete file). However, this latter remains a passive format and does not permit « full text » research within a document. It is impossible to download a complete issue at once.

The various files to be downloaded to reconstitute a complete issue are:

    * 1 file for each article
    * 1 file for each review
    * 1 file for the brief notices
    * 1 file for the chronicle
    * 1 file for the bibliography
    * 1 file for the name index.
    * 1 file for the general table of contents

Via the central research engine, one can select keywords, keywords from a title, an author's name, the article's title, the language, the domain and year of publication. Research may be limited to articles, critical reviews and other appendices or non indexed parts.