The RHE proposes two types of book review of works having recently appeared: the 'Critical Review' ranging (from 1 to 3 1/2 pages, or 2,000 to 7,500 characters) and the 'Short Review' (between 1/2 to 1 page long, or 1,000 to 2,000 characters). They may be published in English, French, German, Spanish or Italian.  Articles written in Dutch will be translated by the editor of the RHE.

In a 'critical review', the work is presented in objectively underlining the elements furnished by the book's author, the structure used, the method employed and the results obtained. For a collective work, one need not mention all the contributions; in any case, their titles are listed in the RHE Bibliography. In a 'critical review', the reviewer adds a personal evaluation, critical without being polemical.

In a 'short review', the reviewer need merely present the work's essential elements, without going into detail and without making a personal evaluation.

The choice between the two formulas is up to the reviewer. Yet the RHE editors recommend the 'short review' formula for publications of sources and for more detailed or less important works or, further, for those which only deal with a part of the history of Christianity.

The standards to be respected will be found soon in the document: Editorial Standards. The way of citing the book reviewed is more elaborate than the usual citation in an article. Its principal elements are separated by full-stops, in the following manner:

Yannick ESSERTEL. L’aventure missionnaire lyonnaise, 1815-1962. De Pauline Jaricot à Jules Monchanin. Préface de Marcel Launay. (Cerf. Histoire). Paris, Cerf, 2001. 23,5 x 14,5 cm, 427 p. € 28,97. ISBN 2-204-06151-8.

The printer's proofs are sent to the author by post or e-mail; He is asked to correct them within 15 days and send them back to the RHE. He can send corrections by e-mail, to expediate things, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Should they arrive too late, publication is put off to following issue. The usual deadlines are: 31 July (for publication in December) and 31 December (for publication in Spring).

Books are proposed by the editors to historians whose competence is near the subject of the book studied. We encourage historians to propose their services to the RHE editors for reviewing work ; he should then specify the field of his competence, preferably in using the headings of the RHE Bibliography that one finds on the present site and in RHE 97.2 (2002), p. 12*-25*. In accepting to review a work, a reviewer receives a free copy and agrees to supply the review in the course of the year. He will also regularly receive the RHE Newsletter by e-mail.