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The Revue d'histoire ecclésiastique (RHE)

The Revue d’histoire ecclésiastique (RHE), founded at the University of Louvain in 1900, publishes 4 issues per year in 3 deliveries, for a total of approximately 1800 pages. It presents articles covering the entire history of Christianity, recensions of recents books on this subject, a chronicle and a voluminous up-to-date bibliography, providing over 6,000 notices annually.

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Now the Bibliography of the RHE is grouped with the Elenchus bibliographicus of the ETL under the name of Index Religiosus.

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The Bibliothèque de la Revue d'histoire ecclésiastique (BRHE)

The Bibliothèque de la Revue d'histoire ecclésiastique (BRHE) is a series of books on the history of Christianity, which was started at Louvain in 1927 and numbers now a hundred titles.

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The Dictionnaire d'histoire et de géographie ecclésiastiques (DHGE)

The Dictionnaire d’histoire et de géographie ecclésiastiques (DHGE) was founded in 1912 at Paris and printed by the House Letouzey until 2015. Its editing was intrusted to the UCLouvain and to the KU Leuven. It aims to provide an historical entry on any person, institution or place in connection with the history of the Church. Its currently numbers 33 volumes (fully digitized) and takes a fresh start thanks to the involvement of Brepols Publishing.

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