Summary of the Latest Issue

The Latest Issue: 118/3-4, 2023  /  Summaries of previous issues


puce triangle rouge MAZZOLA, M. et VAN NUFFELEN, P., A Lost Source for Syriac Christianity in the Umayyad Era. The Ecclesiastical History of Daniel Son of Moses of Tur 'Abdin (8th century) (pp. 493-530)

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puce triangle rouge RICCI, V., Le origini dei priorati giovanniti nel Mezzogiorno Italiano in età normanno-sveva (pp. 531-561)

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puce triangle rouge PIEYRE, C., La daterie d'Avignon et l'absolution des clercs hérétiques au 17e siècle (pp. 562-591)

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puce triangle rouge PRIEM, K., "Non conveniunt authores". Theological College Notes in the 18th-Century Seminary of Bruges  (pp. 592-654)

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puce triangle rouge CUPLINSKAS, I., Of Knights, Priestesses, and Colonial Soldiers. 20th Century Catholic Youth and Historical Memory (pp. 655-688)

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puce triangle rouge BUONASORTE, N.Il primo sinodo dei vescovi secondo Siri. Un diario inedito (pp. 689-723)

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puce triangle rouge BELLITTO, C. M., Benedict XVI's Post-Papacy. Historical Insights (pp. 724-746)

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Works and Research

puce triangle rouge FECI, S. et POUTRIN, I., The Roman Rota, a New Field of Research with a Transnational Dimension (pp. 747-769)

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puce triangle rouge DE ROOVER, D., Reconquering the City. A Research Project on the Pastoral Agency and Spatial Impact of Belgian Workers' Parishes in the Late 19th Century (pp. 770-778)

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Critical Note

puce triangle rouge ROCCA, G., José Luis González Gullón, John F. Coverdale, Historia del Opus Dei (pp. 779-790)

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puce triangle rouge DIDIER, H., Trois publications relatives au collège jésuite de Coimbra (pp. 791-793)

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Reviews (pp. 794-933)

Brief Reviews (pp. 934-950)

Chronicle (pp. 951-955)

General Table of Contents (pp. 957-972)