Newsletter 2023


Editorial Board. Professor Jan De Maeyer (KU Leuven) has been granted emeritus status. He will be replaced by Kim Christiaens, professor in contemporary history (KU Leuven) and director of Kadoc (Leuven). Professor Luc Courtois also became emeritus, taking up his pension one year early.

Personnel. Our publication manager Nicolas Ruffini-Ronzani having resigned to take up a new professional challenge, he is replaced by Ms Laura Parys, Doctor of Egyptology.

Issue 117/1-2 of 2022 contains the following articles: The Peace Movement in Salian Germany. Manuscripts and Meaning (E. Niblaeus). ♦ De la parroquia como prestimonio. Concesiones beneficiarias en la diócesis de Lugo en el primer tercio del siglo XII (M. Calleja Puerta). ♦ Dominicans of the Polish Province and the Observant Reform of the Order of Preachers in the Fourteenth and early Fifteenth Centuries (A Zajchowska-Bołtromiuk). ♦ Más aquí... o más allá. La evolución del personaje hagiográfico entre fines del siglo XVI y comienzos del siglo XVII a partir de las primeras biografías piadosas sobre Teresa de Ávila (1590-1609) (F. S. Macías). ♦ Reproducing Rome at the Congregation of the Oratorio in Bologna, 1618-1733. "To imitate the example of the metropolis of christianity" (H. Van Der Linden). ♦ Les Heures en France à l'âge moderne. Histoire éditoriale et succès dévotionnel (F. Henryot). ♦ The Holy See's Role in the Trial against the Istrian Anti-Fascists in 1929 (E. Orbanić et M. Radošević). ♦ Johannes Paul II. und der Slowakische Katholizismus auf dem Weg zur Politischen Wende 1989 (E. Hrabovec). ♦ A Research work article by A. Ciampani, Avec Aubert, au-delà d'Aubert. Nouvelles pistes de recherche sur Vatican I ♦ A critical note by M. Paiano, Parole delle religioni e secolarizzazione. A proposito di un libro recente sulla "crociata". ♦ A critical note by A. Fejérdy, Reports by the first nuncio to Budapest, Lorenzo Schioppa.

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Issue 117/3-4 of 2022, to be published in January 2022, includes the following articles : Ut nullus ad Romanam Ecclesiam audeat appellare. La réaction canonique de l’Eglise africaine aux affirmations de la primauté judiciaire romaine pendant les 5e et 6e siècles (D. Moreau). ♦ “The Whole Congregation of St. Mary". The Prosopography of the Freising Cathedral Clergy and the Carolingian Reforms (C. I. Hammer). ♦ Notger de Liège (972-1008): instrumentalisation épiscopale et appropriation du territoire principautaire par le culte des saints (Ph. George). ♦ Pope Leo IX and the (Quasi-)Canonization of St. Deodatus (1049). Hagiography, Papal Politics, and Local Competition at the Collegiate Chapter of Saint-Dié (S. Vanderputten). ♦ “Iidem episcopus et Ecclesia, quos speciali affectione prosequimur”. Pope John XXII and lohannes Grothonis. Bishop of Cracow (1326-1347) (D. Żwyczak). ♦ La Librorum vetitorum brevis enumeratio de 1546. Un abrégé du premier index de livres interdits aux Pays-Bas (H. Baudry). ♦ Il cardinale Pietro Gasparri all’Istituto Cattolico di Parigi (S. Orazi). ♦ Modus vivendi with Moscow? The 1945 Flynn Mission and the Eastern Policy of Pius XII (A. Fejérdy). ♦ Johannes Paul II. und der slowakische Katholizismus auf dem Weg zur politischen Wende 1989 (E. Hrabovec). ♦ A Research work article by D. Bosschaert et L. Timpers, Accessing the Digitized Cardinal Johannes Willebrands Personal Archives Online.

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During the year 2022, two books have been published in our book series of the Bibliothèque de la RHE:

  • J.-P. Gay, S. Mostaccio et J. Tricou (éd.), Masculinités sacerdotales, 398 p., 7 ill. [BRHE, 111]

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  • A. Milh et M. Butaye (éd.), A Cathedral of Constitutional Law. Essays on the Earliest Constitutions of the Dominican Order, with an English translation of Fr. A.H. Thomas’ 1965 study, 480 p., 1 ill. [BRHE, 112].

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The fascicle 196 of the Dictionary, to be published in February 2023, contains entries on the secular clergy: Bonaventura Cerretti, Roman prelate, Simon Deploige, president of the Institut Supérieur de Philosophie (Catholic University of Louvain), the saint bishop Optatus of Milevis. ‒ Among the regular clergy, there are articles on Marcin Hińcza, SJ, Louis Œchslin, OP and Sigebert of Gembloux, OSB. ‒ The laypersons have not been forgotten: in addition to a series of kings of France (Louis II the Stammerer, Louis III, Louis IV d’Outremer, Louis V the Do-Nothing, Louis VII the Younger, Louis VIII, Louis X the Quarrelsome, Louis XI, Louis XII, Louis XIII, Louis XIV), you can also read detailed articles about the Parisian publishing family Letouzey, and also about the journalist and academic André Mandouze. ‒ As far as places are concerned, there are two Cluniac establishments (Marsat and Mazille), as well as an article on the Pontifical Biblical Institute. ‒ Finally, two long thematic articles are devoted to Marian Apparitions and “Modern Sport and the Popes”.

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While hoping that the international situation will calm down, we send our best wishes for the upcoming year to all our readers and friends of the Revue on behalf of the entire editorial team.

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