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The authors propose a new way of looking at the complex relationship between society and Christian religions

 The Making of Christianities in History

A Processing Approach

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S. Hellemans: Emeritus Professor Sociology of Religion, School of Catholic Theology, Tilburg University

G. Rouwhorst: Emeritus Professor Liturgical Studies, School of Catholic Theology, Tilburg University

Brepols, Turnhout, 2020, 248 p., in english

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Table of Contents

Introduction. On the Processing of Society and Religion by Religious Agents
Staf Hellemans, Gerard Rouwhorst

Turning ‘Society’ into ‘Religion’. A Processing Approach
Staf Hellemans

Processing Scripture. Psalm 22 in Matthew, John, and Barnabas
Maarten Menken

The Making of Early Christianity. A Processing Perspective on the History of its Rituals
Gerard Rouwhorst

The Making of a Cathar Counter-Church, the ‘Ecclesia Dei’, through the Consolamentum Ritual (Baptism of the Holy Spirit)
Daniela Muller

Processing Puritanism in Early New England and the Birth of Religious Freedom
Patrick Pasture

Catholic Processing of Modernity in the Netherlands
Theo Salemink